Bongos Cuban Café

Bongos Cuban Cafe

Shaking your booty to the infectious Latin beats, chugging up your Mojitos almost a little too soon, and simply having a good time is what Bongos Cuban Café is all about. Combining a restaurant and a nightclub under one roof, surely your night would never be defined as just that when you decide to indulge yourself to an experience like no other.

Situated in the heart of downtown Miami, Bongos Cuban Café is made to suit all types of people from different walks of life. From young hearts to older faces, this Miami meets Havana air of a place can definitely heighten your senses through a fabulous meal shared, and fun night of partying to end it.

The ambience is that reminiscent of a Havana Bar closing in on the intricacies that is far beyond what you can fathom. And yes, big words, since having to dine and dance at Bongos Cuban Café will definitely be an experience that will be magnanimous in definition.

Overlooking great views, such as the port of Miami, the Miami downtown skyline and the Biscayne Bay, this restaurant and nightclub combined has surely become a favorite in Miami. Since Miami is known for the feverish nightlife it offers, comes Bongos Cuban Café that combines not just an extraordinary night that is classic of Miami, it also infuses a dining experience that will surely blow your mind.

The twist to having an intimate dinner at this fabulous place is that after you have burped a pleasurable dining experience, you can opt to just head on to the bar, and splurge on a night of dancing and partying, the Latin way. Who says having dinner should just end after desserts? A glass (or two) of Mojitos wouldn’t hurt.