Essencia Restaurant and Lounge Miami Beach

Essencia Restaurant

There truly is no way to describe a dining experience at Essencia Restaurant and Lounge Miami Beach as something more than just the ordinary. It is dining in simplicity at its finest. The embodiment of this restaurant at the Palms Hotel and Spa in Miami Beach has become a hit in a sense that it not only offers gourmet dishes of world-class standards, it also is all-natural, making your dining experience a pleasurable one without the guilt after binging.

The essence of savoring each meal at Essencia Restaurant and Lounge Miami Beach is to be able to enjoy your dining experience and emerge feeling full but still with a feathery light feeling of having taken a meal that is organic, healthy, and safe for you and your loved ones.

It is said that the main goal of the Essencia Restaurant is for you to enthuse not only your taste’s desires, but that of your mind, body, and soul as well. The menu it offers is a varied mixture of colors and style that makes its dish pleasurable to the eyes, since taste wise, unquestionably so, is already in the bag.

Added to that, there is also a specialized menu for those weight conscious, as low-calorie dishes are served for those counting their calories. Yet despite the limits, calorie wise, the delicacies served can still hold up to be a meal that is surely pleasurable and up to par, almost as if the calories weren’t shredded off to begin with.

You can opt to have your meals taken indoors or al fresco, either in the terrace or poolside, to reinvigorate your senses with the added view you would want to have along with your meals. The Essencia Restaurant and Lounge Miami Beach has now become a hit in South Florida and continuously garners more patrons making it a dining destination you ought not to miss.