Juvia Restaurant

Juvia Restaurant

The food is made to perfection. That is what Juvia restaurant has to offer. Where classic Miami flavors are combined with international acclaimed delicacies from all over, assuring you of a gastronomic experience like no other. Nothing is mediocre, as all the meals served are well-crafted and cooked to perfection by world class chefs from here on out.

Juvia’s signature cocktails will surely tickle your taste buds while waiting for the main course. The best part is, not only will your tongue be enjoying the whole experience; you can also have your eyes full with the view of the long stretch beaches of Miami and an amethyst gemstone bar to complete the view of what Miami is all about.

Cornucopias of warm dishes and Nigiri styled plates are what can be expected when moving on to the list of appetizers in Juvia. Intricately designed and crafted, the many warm and cold appetizers will surely emanate what style and class should be, not disregarding the mouthwatering taste of all that is being served.

Main entrees can be from a choice of Peruvian, French, or Japanese food that will make you keep coming back for more. Only at Juvia, where you can enjoy dishes that are distinctively charcoal smoked, giving your tongue a playful taste of what living and eating in style is all about.

And nothing should be served without style as their desserts will surely give heaven a whole new meaning to the experience. Desserts made by world renowned pastry chefs will surely make the entire dining experience an orgasmic and pleasurable one for you, making you want to crave for more than what you came there for. The experience at Juvia will truly take you to a heightened and sensational feel of how it is to dine with class, giving you full satisfaction on what and how dining ought to be.