Naoe Restaurant Miami

Naoe Miami Restaurant

So here’s the catch, you want to have a Japanese experience that will blow your mind? Naoe Restaurant Miami is the place for you. No kidding, it has been dubbed as one of the best Japanese restaurants in Miami. Located just past the Islander Marketplace on Brickell Key, adjacent to Downtown Miami, Naoe is surely a great Japanese experience waiting to happen.

Naoe Restaurant Miami used to be located in Sunny Isles, but then moved to Downtown Miami. Many were hesitant as to how the old place would compare to the new one, or of the Japanese cuisines in bento boxes would lose its pizazz. As always, Naoe never tends to disappoint. It has, and always has been the Japanese restaurant classic to its name.

They serve a kaleidoscope of flavors that can tickle your palate to the Japanese goodness that only Naoe Restaurant Miami can provide. A bento box comes with a scallop mantle, Japanese seaweed, cobia sashimi, tofu, and Portobello, among others. It is also served with miso soup with pureed corn that will surely complete a bento box of gastronomic experience and more.

Although the new location in Downtown Miami is smaller compared to the one in Sunny Isles, not much has changed. In fact, many were in awe at how similar the new place in Brickell Key looks to the old one then. The famous hinoki wood bar is still where it’s supposed to be, stretching towards the open kitchen where every activity can be seen. The austere grey-brown tones are still there to illuminate the place yet also providing a soothing feeling to such. Naoe Restaurant Miami still resembles a typical Japanese restaurant with the food completing the entire Japanese experience that can be experienced only in Downtown Miami.