Ola Restaurant Miami

Ola Miami

Found in the comfort of the Sanctuary Hotel is Ola Restaurant Miami. Zoning into the recesses of your quiet soul, making it jump for joy as this dining haven brings you up to the latest when it comes to latin flavors and sounds. Found in the long stretch of the many exclusives and prestigious bars and restaurants in South Beach, you ought not to miss a dining experience spent here at Ola Restaurant Miami.

Headed by a nationally acclaimed chef, rated with flying colors of many distinguished food experts and critics, many would definitely not make a mistake of having to dine and splurge in Sanctuary hotel’s finest restaurant there is.

Latin classics and delicacies await your taste, enthusing a kick of American flavors all rolled into one. Their specialty mojito will surely bring you to new heights, tickling your senses in more ways than one.

At Ola Restaurant Miami the dishes served are a combined blend of Latin, Caribbean, and Spanish flavors waiting to take you to a gastronomic experience that is bound to make you keep coming back for more. What many Miami locals love about Ola is their beef tenderloins cooked to perfection, their sweet corn empanada that is seasoned just right and their crispy pork with mustard mojo to lavish your tummy’s desire.

Food and dips aside, Ola Restaurant Miami also comes with an intense list of wines that will definitely complete your dining experience to a tee. There is no place similar to Ola Restaurant Miami where you can find the best tasting foods, the flavorful and exotic wine choices, and an environment that will surely make your meal mean more than what you originally planned it to be. It would definitely redefine your vision of a dining experience you never thought possible.