The Palm Restaurant Miami


Offering Meals Straight from the Heart.

Okay, so what do you say about going back old school? That is exactly what the owners of the Palm Restaurant Miami wanted to inculcate in finding the perfect air to the restaurant they planned to put up back in the 1920’s. The Palm Restaurant Miami was founded by two families with the desire in putting up a uniquely inspired restaurant that will showcase a great look and feel to what it’s like to be home, to serve great food as if you were home, and to treat guests the way you would in your own homes.

To date, The Palm is still visited and patronized by old and new customers alike, attesting to the theme that the owners wanted to bring out. The first Palm restaurant was in New York City. Going back to history, the Palm Restaurant was not up to accepting steak orders; but because of the frequency of the customer for steak, it later on became a regular part of the menu that The Palm Restaurant Miami is now famous for.

It has now proven to not only become a name for itself; it has also established a feel of coziness and warmth that has and always been the goal of the Palm owners. Added to that, The Palm Restaurant Miami even sponsors charity organizations to feed those less fortunate, and helping in relieving poverty in some areas.

No wonder many loyal devotees still flock to this old, too familiar place. Not only because they find the food delectable, but because of what the Palm stands for to others that makes it all the more favorable to customers, locals, and tourists alike.  That is why dining out at The Palm Restaurant Miami won’t just be one that can define your tummy’s desire; it can also bring out the best in you as to the feel the whole place is made for.