Vida Restaurant


Imagine having brunch that will take you to a whole new level, bringing in the past and the now that will captivate your heart and tummy’s pleasure. With the American breakfast to drown your senses, plus the delectable taste of Continental cuisines, Vida Restaurant will truly make up for what you never thought breakfast could ever be.

A small restaurant of sorts, Vida Restaurant is yet able to captivate the true essence of how a breakfast ought to be. With their many available choices that will make you love and adore waking up in the mornings knowing that there is a hearty meal that awaits you, Vida is surely there not to disappoint.

From the wide array of pancakes and omelets, to the chicken risotto and sushi bars, along with the pizza and cheese selections, surely you would never think of breakfast and brunch the same way as you did before.

Vida Restaurant is a classic American brasserie with a modern taste to it, offering you an intimate and laid-back experience that will surely put you to ease. The desserts are also made to leave your sweet tooth craving for more, along with their unlimited glasses of Bloody Mary’s and all-natural juices that can truly complete your gastronomic cravings at the start of your day.

Vida has always been known not just for its exquisite taste of food and the savory dishes served, it also has become a family place for locals and tourists alike to swing by to and have a breakfast experience to soothe their senses and jumpstart their day, as well as to bring them closer together through a meal that is bound to make them want to keep coming back for more. At Vida Restaurant, breakfast would definitely prove to be an experience you never would think possible.