Alexander Oceanfront Resort

Alexander Ocean Front Resort

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So now, here it is. The Alexander Oceanfront Resort, a home away from home but with style, class, and yes, a place where you get to have the time of your life.

Located on the Millionaire’s Row Section of Miami Beach, the Alexander Oceanfront Resort is a place where comfort and ease is combined with chic and luxury, all under one accommodation recognized worldwide.

Each master’s bedroom comes with its own living and dining room, a full kitchen, a master bathroom, and a terrace offering a spectacular view of the oceans and the coasts.

The Alexander Oceanfront Resort is a tropical paradise set to take you to a new level of fun and excitement as the hotel is surrounded with many fun things and activities you can indulge yourself to. From nightclubs to bars, boutiques and shopping malls and from restaurants to bistros surrounding the hotel you would simply be one with no desire to ever leaving the place.

If you decide to rest your aching and sore feet from parading around the city, then you can simply enjoy outdoor dining or snacks served along the lagoon-shaped pools of the Alexander Oceanfront Resort, or you can also opt to have more privacy with your own poolside cabana with your special someone.

Of course, any hotel would not garner lots of devotees if not for the incredible beaches Miami has. Dipping your feet or taking the plunge makes no difference as the view and feel it offers is a ticket to a sweet escape to paradise you have longed for.

So if ever you’re one out looking for a perfect destination, be it for a honeymoon, vacation, or simply just some time off from the busy world, the Alexander Oceanfront Resort may just be what is right for you.