Club Space Miami

Club Space Miami

The Place to be – 24 hours or more, really!

If you are out looking for a great place offering fantastic drinks, awesome music, and an experience that will truly make a mark on you, then head over to Club Space Miami located in the downtown area in Miami. This place is one of Miami’s hippest and grandest clubs assuring you of a nightlife that you definitely won’t forget.

Let me start off by saying that the name Club Space is truly fitting, as yes, it comes with a space that is huge. And when I mean huge, it truly is humungous. But it’s not only space that makes it a top contender in the list of nightclubs in Miami, it is also well-known for the trance and techno beats that world famous DJ’s serve up.

And man, the blasting and feverish sound will creep up making your night a party that will make you keep coming back for more. The hype it gives off will make your hips groove to the beats and tunes that will complete a night that you will never forget.

Club Space Miami also comes with a VIP lounge area, a dance floor, and a bar just across of it, serving the best drinks imaginable. From the classic Mojitos to the intoxicating but savory mixes of their famous Pomegranate for the ladies, everyone can definitely toast to a party only Club Space Miami can offer.

To offer respite between dance moves and drinks, you can also choose to step out for a bit of sightseeing at the outdoor rooftop terrace with a spectacular view of the city of Miami. But if you are one who does not need rest amidst the fun and excitement of the night, your call. After all, Club Space Miami is there to stay. With a 24 hour liquor license, you can choose to start drinking whenever you please, there’s no stopping you. Club Space truly offers space not only in the literal sense, but space for you to have fun, to party, and to have a night you have always wanted.