Spazio Nightclub

Spazio Night Club

Brought to Life – and Ready to Awe You!

Bringing back what the owners of then Spazio Nero thought of as a place that needs to be remodeled, expanded and improved, comes the newly opened Spazio Nightclub found in the heart of Brickell in downtown Miami. Talks and speculations as to how this new nightclub would be remained dumbfounded as it has reached far beyond everyone’s expectations.

The new Brickell nightclub, as some would call Spazio Nightclub, gives a feel of how it is to have your very own sweet escape under the blaring sounds and bright glare of the lights that will truly transport you to a time that is far beyond what you could imagine.

What used to be just over 2,000 feet of party space, 3,000 feet more was added, making the place a sure hit to its loyal customers, both locals and tourists alike. Spazio Nightclub has newly installed LED lights decorated by renowned interior decorators. Hitting this Brickell nightclub would surely be an experience you would want to have over and over again.

Music and lights aside, this nightclub also comes with the best concoctions and cocktail drinks that will definitely quench the thirst of many party goers out for a few drinks to last them the entire night. Combining hits from the 80’s pop and house beats, truly this place can cater to the young, old, hip and savvy people all at once.

Spazio Nightclub is also posh in a sense that it offers luxurious and stylish ambience to the place, with its high ceiling mirrors, black wallpaper and plush seating areas, this place is truly made to be a hit to one and all.

This new hit in town has truly reborn to capture the hearts of those out to have a brief encounter with an escape that will awaken their senses in more ways imaginable. What are you waiting for? Don’t just take a dip, plunge in, dive to an experience only Spazio Nightclub can give.