The Vagabond Miami

The Vagabond

Haven of Sights and Sounds

In the 14th street of Downtown Miami comes the 2008 opened night club, the Vagabond Miami; wrapped around the beauty of Downtown Miami’s media and entertainment district. This is not only home to famous DJ’s filling the dance floor with people getting all hyped up and excited, it can also thrill your senses brought about by the lights that will heighten your mind, taking you to a whole new world that can make you want to just delve into the pleasure of fun and party.

It is a music venue that has been home of legendry musicians and artists that can make you wonder what is next for this hip party haven. Unlike any other nightclubs, the Vagabond Miami is solely centered in music, where parties and events are mostly booked. It is a place that can make you appreciate music and the feeling it emanates. It gives a different beat to how music is plainly felt and experienced. It’s a place of soul and spirit.

In the heart of downtown Miami, in the South of the famous Wynwood Arts District, may be the palace for you, especially if you are one who is into music of all shades and varieties. From rock, house, classics, indie, to electro, hip-hop and disco beats. With all these to brighten up your tired and aching muscles after a hard day’s work, no doubt you would want to make the Vagabond Miami a habit that may be hard to break.

It may seem like a guilty pleasure of some sorts, but if it can soothe your senses, then go ahead. Dive into the feeling. The Vagabond Miami is a place of music and partying escalated to a whole new level. Make it a habit. It may grow on you. And trust me; you’ll like how it can make you feel.